About Us


Buzzard Easy Trekking Tours is your ultimate travel partner. It is a typical African Tour Company owned by African passionate wild and Nature lovers with incomparable experience in the market, we offer you a wide range of budget and luxury wild adventures, and African Mountains trekking tours, you are guaranteed of unforgettable holiday experience.

Explore Kenya and Tanzania best game parks with our experienced guides for unmatched wild vacation. Get close to the nature, and have an opportunity to see the “Big Five” and many more!

Customized safari packages are what we offer. You get to have your African holiday personalized just the way you like. And the pricing is very affordable, whether you are looking for budget camping tours or luxury lodge adventure or mountain trekking from the Roof of Africa “Mount Kilimanjaro” to Mount Kenya and Mount Meru-Arusha Tanzania.

Tanzania is indeed an ideal and a popular safari haven, with unbelievable diversity of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. The most popular destination is Serengeti-Masai Mara ecosystem, known for spectacular phenomenon – The Great Wildebeest Migration, the Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara with tree climbing lions, the Spice Islands of Zanzibar and much more.

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  • First Class Flights

  • 5 Star Accommodations

  • Inclusive Packages

  • Latest Model Vehicles

  • Handpicked Hotels

  • Accesibility managment

  • 10 Languages available

  • +120 Premium city tours

Our Values

Best price guarantee

Conveniently, we operate with some of the best prices in the market, especially when it comes to private safaris. It is possible to find cheaper outfits as there are certainly many cut-price companies operating, but we operate a fair-traded policy where we employ only qualified local staff and pay them above average rates and we do not compromise on vehicles, park fees, equipment and services, besides providing above average equipment to our customers.


As a responsible tour operator we understand the community needs at times thus our presence, prevalence and commitment is to play a ROLE though giving back to the community. We do this by giving 2.5$ from each PAYMENT we receive and ask our customers to contribute the same amount of 2.5$ making a total GIVEAWAY OF 5$ PER EACH INDIVIDUAL PAYMENT WE RECEIVE. This means in your payments you will have an extra pay of 2.5$ to meet our CSR Policy.

Our Guides

Obstinately to most companies, our guides are paid fair salaries and become an active part of our project, always welcome to propose changes and improvements. These make them work with more joy and pleasure. All our guides have many years of experience, some of them having worked for high-end companies in the past

We offer daily tours

Even though we have grown from a small company to an established one, we still put all our effort and love in each different safari. A safari is a rough experience, sometimes things can break, and plans can change. But you will not find a company that will work so hard for you to make sure you have a fabulous and an experience as even as possible

Epic journeys

Customer prop up: When you contact our customer support, you will not be speaking with any office staff that has no idea of who you are, you will be always speaking directly with the directors of the company, who know everything about your safari and are working hard for you making sure that your expectations are met and exceeded. We have a responsiveness and attention to your emails that is unrivaled in this industry, and you can expect an email to be answered in just a few hours, sometimes just minutes.

Pygmy Itineraries

We offer Customized tailor made safari packages. You get to have your African holiday personalized just the way you like. And the pricing is very affordable, whether you are looking for budget camping tours or luxury lodge adventure or mountain trekking

Never lose your deposit

Your money is safe with s any cancelled tour will be refunded except for money spent for the preparation of your tour and refunding fee of 5% of the total deposit

Eco lodges & tours

We are environment passionate people considering the best of conservation and the need of the world fist save before consumptions