Though the Serengeti park boundaries officially define the Serengeti, the ecosystem goes way beyond these limits; we call this the Greater Serengeti. It’s a giant picture of wild Tanzania – masses of animals, contrasting landforms, and tribal peoples. We roam around the lot in true nomad fashion. The camps are semi nomadic – they won’t move during a safari – but they’re actually on a wide orbit, shadowing the Migration so each group, with it’s professional driver-guide and private four-wheel drive vehicle, are as close to a million wildebeest as possible. While a full day from dawn till dusk can be spent on your own adventures, the wandering camps are sociable because they’re shared – but never with more than eight guests, staying in classic safari style. Each luxury bed tent sits alone on a beautiful patch of Africa, a stroll away from a candlelit canvas mess for lively campaign evenings.
The Serengeti Safari Camp offers the traditional mobile-tented camp located as close as possible to the wildebeest herds. Operating on a shared use basis, the camp will have been positioned before arrival in likely proximity to the predicted migratory path. Each couple or group of guests is guaranteed their own private 4×4 vehicle with an experienced guide throughout their stay, allowing complete flexibility to tailor their safari to their own particular interests. Game drives, picnics and cookout breakfasts are a highlight of many guests’ Serengeti Safari Camp experiences and depending on the camp location, are offered wherever possible.
A small and exclusive safari camp with 4 double safari tents each with en-suite bathrooms, short  drop safari toilets and bucket showers and washstands. Hot and cold water available on demand. Meals are served under the stars, or in separate dining tent.

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